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L'Aubergade - The Treading Lightly Campaign

'Protect Our Playground'.

A simple but effective mentality which is fortunately sweeping the whole 'adventure industry'. Like you, we love and rely on our environment and want to see it flourish for our children, and children's children.

Can you imagine youngsters in two generations time not being able to ski or snowboard? We can't and the fact is, we don't want to think about it. Nobody does. But we do have to stand up and act so we can avoid that reality at all costs.

It's not a scare mongering tactic. In fact - in many cases it makes our life easier!

Head out the back of the terrace and you'll see our vegetable patch. Si & Mikey - the most enthusiastic chefs you'll find on the planet are working away at making this a key source of ingredients for our L'Aubergade restaurant menu.

If you've done a season in Morzine - you'll probably know that our 'End Of Season Party' is pretty epic!

Due to the amount of people we have at the party, we have to use disposable (*recycled plastic) glasses. But rather than throw them away we've used them as the pots for our tomato plants grown in the hot-tub greenhouse on our hotel terrace!

Where we can, we're using cocktail garnish from our little garden patch. That is exactly 34 steps from the bar. No air-miles here! Our cocktails are influenced by the surrounding mountains, so we feel our surrounding environment should be apart of the cocktails themselves!

We aren't trying to be a fully fledged carbon neutral hotel. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible with the hotel foundations built in 1954. It just wouldn't be feasible for us to change every part of the hotel. However we are making the necessary steps to protect our beloved playground. We'd love to talk more about our targets and achievements, ranging from our massive decrease in waste to our meat free monday staff meals. Just get in touch with us on contact@laubergade.com.

Have a great day!